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Preppy People Won’t Like This Boat Shoe-Sandal Hybrid — And That’s Okay

Purists might not be happy to wear a boat shoe-sandal.

“I know that the preppy style isn’t going to wear this — it is more casual,” shared Shane Pisko, who came up with the quirky-yet-functional design for his label Dorys. “They resonate with people who don’t identify with either preppy — or casual [styles]. That’s what we’re hoping.”

dorys boat shoe sandals

Dorys boat shoe-sandals.

Pisko recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to help crowd-fund production costs for the shoes, of which he first cobbled a prototype in 2011 as an answer to a slip-on sandal that provides all-around cling to the wearer without a gap between the foot and footbed: Think of it as a lace-up Birkenstock.

“I wanted a sandal that would stay on my foot,” Pisko recalled. “Even athletic sandals or Birkenstock — anything currently available slips off, so I felt like it was only holding onto my toes.”

Dorys boat shoe-sandals.

Pisko’s proposal took inspiration from how boat shoes incorporate wrap-around lacing, but utilized the design on a sandal silhouette.

“The footbed had rigidity, and as you flex your toes it’ll go up, but it has heel loops — one toward the middle and one on the either side,” he explained. “As you pull up, it pulls up the back of the shoe. Rather than flexing like a regular foot, it brings up the back up as well.”

The construction of the footbed is “no different from what’s used on a Birkenstock,” Pisko said, adding that it’s made in Italy and the rest of the shoe is produced in Portugal.

After the Kickstarter campaign concludes today, Pisko plans on presenting his line at footwear shows during the summer.

“I think it has something for everyone,” Pisko said. “It’s more of a fun version of a preppy style.”

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