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Best Tips on Keeping Feet Feeling and Looking Good This Summer

The warm weather can take a toll on feet, especially when going sockless is typically the rule. Ballet flats can cause blisters at the back if the heel, while an innocent trip to the pool in flip-flops can spark a case of athletes foot.

While these skin issues can be a nuisance and often painful, a trip to the doctor is not always required. There are plenty of over-the-counter remedies to help the healing process from creams that alleviate dry, cracked skin to blister free products.

Dr. Scholl’s known for its extensive line of foot care products has developed Blister Treatment, thin, flexible cushions that conform to the foot to help heal and prevent blisters. But, blisters don’t have to develop at all if you take the proper precautions. Preheels offers a proprietary aerosolized spray mold applied to the foot creating a totally clear barrier that goes with any skin tone. Because it stays in place for over 12 hours, it provides long-lasting protection from blisters, irritation, cuts and chafing.

For those who may have picked up athlete’s foot at a water park or locker room, there are some easy fixes. Lamisil spray is prescription strength and relieves symptoms and kills the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

If you’re experiencing dry, cracked heels due to pounding the pavement in sandals, there are plenty of creams and lotions to provide relief by restoring moisture. Blue-Emu Foot Therapy is a combination of soothing emu oil, aloe vera, peppermint oil and a blend of botanicals to calm dry itchy feet. For another natural approach, Burt’s Bees does a coconut foot creme made of coconut oil, lanolin and vegetable glycerin for a revitalizing effect.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme; $8.99; dermastore.com

For the ultimate pampering treatment, Miss Spa exfoliating foot treatment comes in the form of booties infused with glycolic acid and soothing plant extracts that help dissolve away dead skin. It’s also free of paragons and artificial dyes and fragrances.

Miss Spa Foot Booties

Miss Spa Foot Booties; $6.99; ultra.com 

So, don’t suffer through another summer of foot discomfort. There are lots of affordable and easy at-home options to keep your feet looking and feeling healthy.

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